Domino’s Pizza Review (21 May 2017)

So we had a random party with friends and decided to order Domino’s Pizza. If I’m not wrong, the pizzas came from the West Coast branch.

Short rant: After placing my order online, I called in and wanted to add in some add-ons. However, the hotline says I can’t add-on as the payment has been processed. Hence, the minimum order for delivery is $15. Even after I requested for the staff to check with her manager, I still couldn’t add-on a small food item. Drats! 😦

Okay so on the actual day, the food arrived promptly. We ordered:

1) Classified Chicken
2) Alfredo Prawn
3) Awesome Foursome

Selected the 15″ pizzas, New York crust, and found that there was a $9 surcharge for the Alfredo Prawn. Okaaaaayyyy.

So the grand total for the above 3 items was $76.20.

Photos of our food:

This photo below depicts the Awesome Foursome. We had a party of 9, and when my friend opened it and looked at the drumsticks, she went, “Hahhh, only got 4.”

In the corner of the photo you can see the Peanut Butter Choc Lava cake going for $6.80.  It sounds really delicious, but when I tried the lava cake, it was quite a weird combi. Frodo and my other friends were also stunned at how they tasted. I’m serious – try to imagine super rich chocolate in your mouth, plus super rich peanut butter. It’s really quite super, super rich altogether. Too over for me personally.

The pizzas were generally nice, but I think most of us thought the chicken one was better than the prawn one. Surprisingly, the pizzas and popiahs were more than enough for my group of 9.

In the end, I had to take home 2 of the lava cakes because my friends couldn’t finish it.

Lol. Small eaters.


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