Kith Cafe Review

Frodo and I went to Kitch Cafe Marina Square for a late lunch. These were what we ordered:

1) Latte ($4.50)

I didn’t order this, but no complaints so should be ok.

2) Fish & Chips ($23)

I know it’s breaded fish, but isn’t the fish portion too small? How to be full? 😦

3) Mushroom Soup ($10)

The description goes: “Mushroom Soup Topped With Spinach & Marinated Goat Cheese”. Frodo found the dish interesting and ordered it. My friends warned me that there’s goat cheese in it, but I ignored their warnings. Turns out, I couldn’t handle it. It’s like eating a goat! So smelly! Really almost died!

Unless you’re into goat cheese, this is not for the average human being.

4) Beef Burger ($16)

While Frodo seemed to enjoy his goat cheese dish, I helped myself to this wondrous burger. I love the idea of a fried egg in it and it really tasted great. Thumbs up!

5) Chocolate lava cake

I didn’t order this so I don’t know how it tastes. But I think my friend said that it’s really small given its price. In fact, I remember that there was a moment of silence when it landed on our table. Lol.


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