KT Grill Tower Burger

I saw this incredible burger on RWS’ blog, going for $22++. It’s called the New York Tower Burger, available at KT Grill in Universal Studios Singapore. I was thinking to myself,  wow, what a deal! How am I going to eat this? 


Above: KT Grill’s Tower Burger, with house special sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, and served with fries. Photo taken from RWS Blog.

Eagerly, Frodo and I checked out the menu, and saw that the sunny-side up egg was priced at an additional $3. So no, we’re not going to pay the $3. Lol.

Then the burger came. Firstly, it doesn’t look like the photo at all! Haha. But ok, I get the “tower” concept. At least, all 3 patties are intact, and the cheese is looking all melty and kinda shiok.

As it turned out, it was absolutely delicious. In fact, for its price, it’s pretty value for money with 3 patties! Frodo and I shared the burger – I think he ate half a patty and I ate 2.5 patties. But he ate all the fries, as he didn’t want me to eat any more carbs. 😦

A closer look at the patty layers…see that pickle peeking out? That little guy really added a new dimension to the burger. Yum!

We will be back for more. So yumz.


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