Bobby’s Restaurant & Bar

My cousin took me out for dinner at CHIJMES today and she recommended Bobby’s Restaurant & Bar.

I asked her why and she said, “There’s 1-for-1 main!” Ok, let’s go!

The ambience there was great – lots of tables in the open as well as indoors. We went on a weekday night (Thursday night), so there were plenty of vacancies.

Menus here:

We decided on a Wagyu burger and a New York Strip with Jack Daniel’s. As well as two mojitos. I think it came up to $60+ after taking into consideration the 1-for-1 promo.

I would say that given the price (1-for-1 aside), the presentation of the dish wasn’t impressive. Perhaps it was the oversized plate. If they used a smaller plate, then I might be more satisfied with the portion. Taste-wise, it was average and pretty ho-hum.

The above photo depicts the New York strip. The mash potatoes serving was generous though it’s hidden from sight.

I enjoyed the spacious environment, but overall, it’s not a place that I would return to again. The food is alright, just not particularly amazing.

Closing off with a general photo of the CHIJMES ambience at night.


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