Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen @ Ngee Ann City

For Christmas 2016, we went to Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen at Ngee Ann City. Since Frodo’s family loves spicy food, I thought we could try to please their taste buds at a Szechuan restaurant.

We kickstarted our Christmas celebration with a cold chicken dish. The chicken slices came soaked in chilli sauce – it’s pretty interesting and really whets your appetite. I think it’s called: “Fragrantly Spicy Szechuan Chicken Slices”. 

Pardon my bad memory but I can’t remember what this dish below is. If I’m not wrong it’s sweet and sour chicken.

Ok ok – now for the best part – Mini Tofu Cubes in Premium Boiled Salted Egg Sauce! Okay, I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of tofu, so the entire family let me have a generous serving. It was quite paiseh to finish the most of it, but I’m glad because it’s really delicious and tasted premium.

Here’s the 红油抄手 above, otherwise known as the Wanton in Chili Sauce. There were 6 wantons for the 4 of us, and because Frodo knows this is my love, he gave me his share. HAHA. It’s slippery, juicy and not too spicy – everything we look forward in a perfect wanton.

But then, even 2 wasn’t enough for me!

The above dish comes with really fat, juicy prawns. Called the 香菇虾仁海味面 or Bamboo Shoot with Seafood Noodle Soup, I remember loving the bounce of the noodles and the way the soup tasted. Delicious.

I am not an eggplant fan, but one of Frodo’s family members love this. Surprisingly, when I chewed one, it actually tasted soft. In fact it melts in your mouth! Absolutely love how they cooked it.

Here are a couple of photos of the dishes we ordered, to give you a sense of the proportion. I think the total bill added up to $200, but because it’s a Groupon we bought, we only paid $100 and I think Frodo had to fork out 20 more cents. LOL.

Will definitely be back for more. Recently I saw another branch at Hillion Mall – will check that out someday.


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